Preserving digital data & evidence

secrypt Connector

A Product of SER

With the digiSeal signature software, you can preserve the evidentiary value of your documents in the Doxis archive, for example, to ensure your processes comply with TR-RESISCAN guidelines.

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How you benefit from Doxis-secrypt integration

  • Preserve data worth protecting long-term 
    E.g. for (patient) records, verification documentation, civil status registers, and land registry entries 
  • Meet international standards
    Based on LTANS/ERS standards and BSI’s TR-ESOR crypto module
  • Create and verify e-signatures, e-seals, time stamps
    Digital signature card, remote signature, signature token or central e-seal to sign virtually any files
  • Unique graphics stamp
    Position your logo, coat of arms and lettering anywhere or create automatic PDF signature fields

Doxis connector for integrating secrypt digital signatures in Doxis applications and processes. This Doxis add-on enables you to connect the secrypt signature solution to an existing Doxis landscape. The signature process is initiated in Doxis and the signed document is filed automatically. The actual signature takes place in an on-premise solution.

secrypt GmbH

Founded in 2002 and based in Berlin, secrypt GmbH specializes in software products that optimize and secure electronic business processes while ensuring the authenticity, protection against tampering, and confidentiality of digital data.

secrypt products comply with the relevant legal requirements of a normative nature (e.g. eIDAS, German Trust Services Law, FDA 21 CFR Part 11) and meet the relevant legal and technical standards. 

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