Provide supplier overview

Doxis Supplier Workspace

A Product of SER

Workspaces for suppliers and for purcase orders helps to manage all supplier related information and make it available to your purchase department. Create correspondence with the integrated template management.

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How you benefit from Doxis Supplier Workspace

  • Provide supplier overview
    You always have an overview of all supplier documents, contracts, orders and order confirmations or invoices.
  • Provide information fast
    Overview with all information on a supplier gives you the knowledge you need to respond to make sound decisions
  • Prepared for contract negotiations
    Integrate Doxis Contract Lifecycle Management and have access to all contracts with one click.

Solution for the structured management of supplier and procurement information and documents. Documents or e-mails can be quickly filed in the supplier workspace or in the procurement workspace using drag-and-drop. The solution is designed for winCube, webCube and mobileCube of the Doxis suite. With the help of the Doxis SmartBridge products for CRM and ERP systems, the workspaces can be created and synchronized automatically.
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