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Doxis SmartBridge for SAP SuccessFactors

A Product of SER

Doxis SmartBridge for SAP SuccessFactors connects documents, workspaces and processes in Doxis with SAP SuccessFactors. The Doxis connector is an addition to Doxis Human Resources for HR management.

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How you benefit from Doxis SmartBridge for SAP SuccessFactors

  • More time for employees
    14 hours per week HR professionals gain through automation, e.g. filing documents in personnel files
  • Find, don't search
    Approx. 36% of their working time can be used more wisely by HR professionals, which they currently waste searching for HR documents
  • Faster and more efficient onboarding
    New employees are productive sooner: 36% of HR professionals say old technologies are hindering onboarding, among other things
  • High loyalty among employees
    80% of HR professionals believe modern HR tools can positively influence employees in their attitude toward their employer 

Doxis SmartBridge for SAP SuccessFactors is an add-on to the business solution for human resources management, Doxis Human Resources. Doxis SmartBridge ensures that a personnel file is created in Doxis HR for each employee managed in SuccessFactors (Employee Central) and filled with the employee-related documents from SuccessFactors. The archiving of personnel documents in Doxis ensures compliance-compliant storage.
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