Optimally aligned: Doxis & SAP

Doxis SmartBridge for SAP

A Product of SER

Work in SAP as usual and access documents directly from third-party systems. Bring together information from SAP, Office and business applications in a structured way to provide a 360° view of projects and business partners.

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How you benefit from Doxis SmartBridge for SAP

  • Full process transparency
    Bring together emails, contracts, invoices, etc. with SAP transactions for an all-round view of your processes
  • Save time
    Even without SAP access you can quickly research and have full access to all documents
  • Direct jump
    Call Doxis webCube or winCube directly from SAP

Doxis SmartBridge for SAP includes the connectors for connecting Doxis to SAP (including SAP S/4HANA). The supported use cases range from archiving data and documents through indexing archived data and reacting to events in SAP all the way to incorporating documents and eFiles from Doxis directly in SAP (Classic UI and Fiori).
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