Doxis and F&SCM better together

Doxis SmartBridge for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM by BE-terna

A Product of BE-terna

Bring together information from Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM, Office & Business Applications in Doxis in a structured way, as a basis for a 360° view of projects & business partners.

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How you benefit from Doxis Smartbridge for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM by BE-terna

  • 360° view of projects & business partners
    Work in your familiar Dynamics 365 environment and also access information from ERP, Office & business applications
  • Work in your familiar environment
    Doxis Workspaces can be integrated directly in the F&SCM user interface. This gives you access to all documents and processes in Doxis, including different views of customers, suppliers, orders, etc.
  • Automatically synchronized
    Doxis automatically creates workspaces for new F&SCM objects, such as Sales Order, Purchase Order, Customer or Vendor, etc. Changes to F&SCM objects are automatically updated in Doxis.

Doxis SmartBridge for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM by BE-terna automatically creates Doxis Workspaces for entities such as Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Customers or Vendors and updates them when the metadata in Dynamics 365 F&SCM changes. Documents from Dynamics 365 F&SCM are transferred to associated Doxis Workspaces. The SmartBridge enables Dynamics 365 F&SCM users to access data/documents from other systems via the Doxis Workspaces. At the same time, other Doxis users can be granted access to data and documents from Dynamics 365 F&SCM.
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