Keep control of order confirmations automatically

Doxis Intelligent Order Confirmation Automation

A Product of SER

Delivery dates and quantities not being met? Production at risk of stoppage? Doxis monitors order confirmations and alerts you to potential problems, so that you can react promptly.

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How you benefit from Doxis Intelligent Order Confirmation Automation

  • Better production planning
    Detect nonconforming delivery quantities and dates at an early stage, switch to other suppliers in good time, or adjust your planning.
  • Delighted clients
    Avoid material bottlenecks and produce on time and on budget. That’s how to impress your customers with products delivered on time and at top quality.
  • More efficient purchasing processes
    Automate time-consuming manual activities, relieve employees, and use them more productively.

Solution for automated processing and verification of order confirmations – including document reading with data extraction, order ledger, review and approval process, as well as reconciliation with ERP data and transfer to ERP system for posting.

Includes up to 30,000 order confirmation pages per year.
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