Process invoices faster and more accurately

Doxis Intelligent Invoice Automation for SAP

A Product of SER

Process incoming invoices on a daily basis and lighten the load on bookkeeping – it’s easy with automated invoice management and provides transparency for all supplier invoices.

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How you benefit from Doxis Intelligent Invoice Automation

  • Boost profitability
    Raise your profitability by posting invoices faster and securing cash discounts.
  • Deploy your team more productively 
    Automate invoice processes so that your team can work on tasks like loan negotiations with banks.
  • Improve liquidity planning 
    Get complete transparency about the status of invoices and ensure up-to-date liquidity planning.

Demo of Doxis Intelligent Invoice Automation for SAP

Solution fully integrated with SAP for automated processing and verification of supplier invoices – including invoice reading with data extraction, verification & approval workflow, an invoice ledger, SAP integration for data reconciliation, transfer and posting.

Includes up to 30,000 invoice pages per year.
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