Digitally manage staff & applicants

Doxis Human Resources (HR)

A Product of SER

Automate recruiting, file inspection, onboarding & offboarding, and access electronic personnel files quickly from anywhere. When hiring, you simply transfer applicant documents to their personnel file at the touch of a button.

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How you benefit from Doxis Human Resources (HR)

  • Efficient personnel processes
    Electronic personnel files enable fast, efficient workflows in your HR department
  • Protect personnel data
    Protect personnel information and archive personnel files in an audit-proof and regulation-compliant manner.
  • Time to pursue strategic activities 
    Reduce your time spent on searching and filing, and spend more time on recruiting and personnel development.

Automatic retention rule management in HR

Doxis HR is a solution for comprehensive management, editing, and archiving of employee and applicant documents with eFiles. Workflows guide processes related to employees and applicants. Optional: connection to an HR system and transfer of master data.
What you get from us