Create order out of chaos for your emails

Doxis eMail Management

A Product of SER

Save yourself the tedium of sorting emails by hand, assigning them to the right projects, and archiving them in a compliant manner. Doxis automates email management for you and finds the right context.

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How you benefit from Doxis Email Management

  • Regulation-compliant email archiving
    Meet regulatory requirements with Journal archiving, including with Microsoft 365.
  • Know what emails are about
    Automatically determine the right context for each email and trigger processes.
  • Archive emails according to your own rules
    Doxis automatically archives your emails, e.g. by date, size, or file format of attachments.

Doxis eMail Management is the solution for securely archiving and managing emails and email attachments in the business context. It supports rule-based archiving, manual archiving by a user, and automated Journal archiving. Intelligent Context automatically determines suitable eFiles and process instances in Doxis for Outlook emails.
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