Integrate AdobeSign with Doxis

Doxis Digital Signature Connector for AdobeSign

A Product of SER

Ensure the legal authenticity of your documents by attaching an electronic signature to digital documents, thus proving the signatory’s identity.

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How you benefit from Doxis-AdobeSign integrations

  • All types of signatures
    Use all common signature types from the simple to the qualified signature
  • Versatile solution
    Integrate the signature process flexibly, for example, in a contract creation process
  • Remote signatures as portal solution
    Use the AdobeSign portal solution so that third-parties can also sign documents

Doxis connector for integrating AdobeSign digital signatures in Doxis applications and processes. This Doxis add-on enables you to connect the AdobeSign signature solution to an existing Doxis landscape. The signature process is initiated in Doxis and the signed document is filed automatically. The actual signature takes place in the signer's portal.
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