Improve customer satisfaction

Doxis Customer Workspace

A Product of SER

A workspace for customers and a workspace for customer orders help to manage all customer-related information and make it available to your employees. Handle customer correspondence with the integrated template management.

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How you benefit from Doxis Customer Workspace

  • Improve customer satisfaction
    Expedite the handling of customer inquiries, orders and bids and speed up response times
  • Provide information faster
    Overview with all information on a customer gives you the knowledge you need to respond to make sound decisions
  • Deploy resources better
    Automate manual activities such as filing and free up time to devote to customer relations

Solution for structured management of customer and sales order information and documents. With drag-and-drop, documents or e-mails can be quickly filed in the customer file or in the order file. The solution is designed for winCube, webCube and mobileCube of the Doxis suite. With the help of the Doxis SmartBridge products for CRM and ERP systems, the files can be created and synchronized automatically.
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