Managing CAD drawings in Doxis

Doxis CAD Manager

A Product of SER

Bridge the gap between CAD systems and the Doxis platform with Doxis CAD Manager. Use comprehensive interfaces and extension options for cross-departmental processes in the sense of a PDM/PLM solution platform.

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How you benefit from Doxis CAD Manager

  • Single-point-of-access
    Integrate multiple CAD systems in parallel, access CAD data with Doxis, and view drawings without an installed CAD application
  • Drawings in context
    Get an all-round view of your projects by storing CAD and additional documents in virtual project folders/project files - ideal for supporting teamwork.
  • Eliminate version chaos
    Always work with the latest version, revert to earlier development statuses as needed. Check-in/out prevents unwanted parallel processing

Doxis CAD Manager is a specialized module integrated directly into Doxis winCube. As a connecting element between Doxis and various CAD systems, Doxis CAD Manager enables company-wide management of CAD data. This includes direct storage from CAD systems, link management, version management, utilization records, comprehensive indexing and search options, viewing functions, workflows, etc.