Support for user management

Doxis Agent Bundle - User Management

A Product of SER

Let our agents support you with user administration, e.g. when adding new users to the system, assigning users to processes, or deactivating employees who have left the company, as well as reallocating incomplete tasks to colleagues. The functionalities available in the standard product are extended through add-ons, e.g. customizable automations to meet specific business requirements.

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How you benefit from the Doxis Bundle - User Management

  • Support with offboarding
    Never again forget to deactivate employees who have left the system: an agent does it for you
  • Synchronize user systems
    Sync Doxis User with other user systems.  An agent creates, updates or deletes users
  • Designate users for tasks
    You archive a document, an agent starts a process, and identifies the processor based on the document data
  • Ensure escalations are monitored
    Store escalation levels in transaction processing, agents monitor them and notify users

This bundle includes agents that support user actions:
- For offboarding, the user is blocked; the pending tasks are moved to someone else.
- Create, modify and delete Doxis users, also for synchronization with other user systems
- Assign tasks to specific users
- Setting up multiple escalation levels when a task ""lingers"" too long in a mailbox
Technical Description