Sync documents and eFiles

Doxis Agent Bundle - Folder & Documents

A Product of SER

Do you want to sync up eFiles and documents, without manually creating files at every update? Or perhaps sort documents accurately and automatically update the metadata? The agents in this Doxis bundle will take care of that for you. The functionalities available in the standard product are extended through add-ons, e.g. customizable automations to meet specific business requirements.

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How you benefit from the Doxis BundleFolder & Documents

  • An eFile for every new transaction
    Automatically create eFiles for new customers, suppliers, employees, projects, contracts, etc.
  • Retention management made easy
    Let Doxis delete eFiles and documents in line with retention rules or events
  • Automatically sync metadata
    Assign documents automatically to the appropriate folder and add their metadata in the process
  • Easily change metadata
    You define the events, and an agent deletes, changes, adds the metadata for eFiles and documents accordingly
  • Agents manage agents
    Do you want agents to automatically process documents and eFiles? Delegate oversight to a higher-level agent

This bundle includes agents for editing / changing documents and files:
- Creation and updating of files (e.g. synchronization with leading system)
- Deletion of documents and files
- Synchronization of metadata between documents and files
- Modification of metadata on documents and files
Technical Description