Securely manage and monitor file imports

Doxis Agent Bundle - FIPS Add-ons

A Product of SER

Securely transfer documents from file systems to Doxis. Agents for Doxis File Import Service (FIPS), for example, monitor file transfers, notify you by email of any import errors, and generate a detailed monitoring report. The functionalities available in the standard product are extended through add-ons, e.g. customizable automations to meet specific business requirements.

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How you benefit from the Doxis Bundle FIPS add-on 

  • Prepare files for transfer
    Carries out double-checks and creates FIPS-compliant job files for archiving
  • Edit/add metadata
    Extracts relevant FIPS-compliant metadata from file names. This enables you to use information from text files for post-indexing
  • Monitor file transfers and report errors
    Easily monitor file transfers to Doxis, and get error notifications via email
  • Logging and monitoring
    FIPS processing activities are logged in an external database that you can leverage in your monitoring process

This bundle includes extensions for data processing with FIPS:
- Notification by mail in case of a failed FIPS job
- Preparation of Fips compliant input files
- Generation of the start file for FIPS
- Conversion of metadata into FIPS compliant formats
- Feedback of the processing status of FIPS into a database or text file.
Technical Description