File and sort documents automatically

Doxis Agent Bundle – Input & Distribution

A Product of SER

Make file server content usable in Doxis in accordance with legal regulations (e.g. GDPR) – automatically archive files from the filing system in Doxis with the desired retention periods, assign to a suitable file or records folder, and send as a transaction to the inbox of the relevant person. The functionalities available in the standard product are extended through add-ons, e.g. customizable automations to meet specific business requirements.

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How you benefit from Doxis Bundle – input & distribution

  • Import files automatically
    Your documents are stored as usual in the file system, and Doxis retrieves them regularly and archives them, including metadata.
  • Securely comply with GDPR, etc.
    There’s no need to worry about about retention and deletion periods, as Doxis assigns these to documents when archiving them.
  • Each document has its own file
    Automatically sort documents into lease records, contract files, etc. If there aren't any, Doxis creates them.
  • When documents trigger processes
    Send contract documents, vacation requests, etc. directly to the right employee inbox for processing.

This starter package bundles add-ons for capturing, distributing, and archiving documents:
• Import documents from the file system
• Create a process with the archived document and assign to the relevant person for processing.
• Link an archived document to a file/folder
• Assign a retention period to the document
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